What Men Really Think About the Smoky Eye

Ever wonder what your guy really thinks about your smoky eye? Because we do! When something takes hours to accomplish (okay, maybe just what seems like a lot of minutes), why not find out if he even notices? So, to get to the bottom of this smoky situation, we asked men what they really, truly think (no holding back!) and here’s what they said …

smoky eye

Q: What do you really think about the smoky eye look?

“There’s definitely a lot of debate among men, but the overall consensus is that the smoky eye look adds a lot of intrigue and elegance. This look, when done correctly, is admired by men. Tread carefully, though. Too much shadowy makeup can turn you into a chimney sweep.” –Sean H.

“I don’t even know what that is.” –Ray Z.

“I like the way it helps the girl’s eyes pop. Eyes and smile are important and this accentuates both features.” –Armand V.

“It looks mad intimidating.” –Chris K.

“I’d say that wearing a smoky eye notes a couple of things: 1. She put a lot of effort into it, which means she must care about me. 2. She wants me AND other people to be looking at her. 3. Wherever we’re going, it’s more important to her than any run-of-the-mill day.” –Patrick C.

“Whatever.” –Austin C.

“I don’t know … my girlfriend wears dark eye makeup sometimes and I want to say I feel like that’s maybe more formal? Like, if you’re just at the mall, that’s like some weird gothic type stuff, but if you’re like at a really nice restaurant or something, then maybe it’s tight.” –Derek K.

“It’s a cool, bold look, but not for everybody.” –Nick C.

“To be honest, I like it … but I feel like I shouldn’t. They’re essentially painting raccoon eyes, but for some reason it looks cool. It’s one of those things that blows my mind. No idea what girl thought to do that first, but it’s nice.” –Tom M.

“What’s a smoky eye again?” –Edmond Y.

“Kind of like it. It has a place and time. Not for work though.” –Andy S.

What do the guys in your life think of the smoky eye? We’d love to know, so share in the comments below!