Editor’s Picks: Our Flavor of the Week

Our obsession with eye shadow has no limits. We adore every kind of eye makeup tutorial out there, from the super-complicated to the quick and easy. That being said,  we will never turn down an eye shadow product that makes getting any kind of look a breeze. So when our pals at Maybelline sent over their latest eye shadow launch — EyeStudio Color Tattoo Concentrated Crayons — let’s just say we were hooked instantly. Today we’ll break down why we’re crushing on these magic markers, but just be warned: These crayons are nothing like the ones you scribbled with in kindergarten.

The Color Range

With 10 crayons in the collection,  it’s safe to say there’s a shadow for just about every kind of look you’re going for. Need a deep, sultry shadow for an intense smoky eye? Charcoal Chrome and Audacious Asphalt bring just the right amount of drama. Feeling ultra-girly and wanting to lavish your lids in pastels? Pink Parfait and Lilac Lust are the perfect balance of sweet and flirty. Barely Beige and Creamy Chocolate are must-haves for adding just a hint of color to the lids for a more natural look, and Gold Rush delivers a cool metallic glow that works with any skin tone.

Application Is a Breeze

We all know that applying eye shadow isn’t always the easiest undertaking. Between the different brushes, eye shadow textures and color options, the whole process can get overwhelming fast! Since these new shadows are in crayon form, the color glides on easier and more precise. The creamy texture is also blendable and works well when layered with other eye shadow crayons or with powder shadows for a more intense finish.